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Apple Strudel
Real apple pieces make this flavor a fall favorite!

Black Cherry
A blue ribbon favorite! We combine our black cherry ice cream with premium dark cherries to create the most regal flavor.

Butter Pecan
Our best seller after vanilla and chocolate! Made with the finest roasted butter pecans. No fooliní, this is the real deal.

Butter Brickle
Toffee ice cream with real toffee candy pieces. Delicious.

Our super premium chocolate ice cream is the richest, creamiest chocolate ice cream you will find. Donít bother with a topping, this ice cream will stand up on its own.

Chocolate Chip
Our super premium vanilla ice cream with only the finest semi sweet chocolate chips. A true classic made the Oberweis way.

Chocolate Marshmallow
Kids of all ages will enjoy our super premium chocolate marshmallow ice cream. Made with our rich and creamy chocolate ice cream and layered with gooey marshmallow.

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Our super premium Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream is a huge favorite of Oberweis ice cream fans. We take our already rich and creamy chocolate ice cream and layer in smooth, creamy peanut butter chunks to make this ice cream the perfect marriage of two candy classics. Every spoonful ends with mmmm.

Add a little spice to your next dessert. Our super premium cinnamon ice cream is great by itself or adds a cinnamon kick to your favorite piece of pie or cake.

Rich and flavorful premium coffee makes our coffee ice cream the best it can be. Smooth and creamy, try it by itself or great with a scoop of chocolate or chocolate chip ice cream.

Cookie Dough
Pieces of cookie dough are just the beginning for this kidsí favorite!

Cookies íN Cream
Our super premium cookies ní cream ice cream is a sight to see. We start with our famous vanilla ice cream and load it up pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies. This one is a blast of cookie flavor in every bite.

Mint Chip
Mint and chocolate. You canít go wrong with the combination. Tons of semi-sweet chocolate chips smothered in super-creamy mint ice cream makes this a favorite the year round. Itís green and itís delicious!

Peach ice cream with real peach pieces. As wholesome as summer itself!

Youíll love the real strawberries, the rich and creamy strawberry ice cream and the cool refreshing feeling as it passes your lips. An American classic, for the serious strawberry lover.

It all starts with Vanilla. Oberweis vanilla ice cream is the richest, creamiest and fullest flavor vanilla ice cream you will ever taste. Vanilla ice cream is the number 1 flavor every year, we like to think we do it justice.


Made with real brandy! Perfect with a cup of coffee. For adults only!

Egg Nog
Oberweis is famous for their super premium Egg Nog that is offered every holiday season. It is only natural that†our ice cream captures that same, unbelievably smooth flavor. Donít confuse this with any other Egg Nog ice cream you have tried. This is truly a gift of flavor in every spoonful.

Our super premium peppermint ice cream is layered with pieces of real candy cane. A classic family favorite -- One taste will warm your heart.

Itís Fall and time for delicious super premium pumpkin ice cream. Spiced with ground cinnamon and nutmeg our pumpkin ice cream has a crisp flavor just like an Autumn day. Donít delay, our Pumpkin Ice Cream is only available through the end of November.

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